Outsourcing Your CFO 

Why Do So Many Businesses Use Outsourced CFO?       There are many benefits to outsourcing the Chief Financial Officer (CFO) role, especially if you own a small business. An outsourced CFO ensures you are getting the same expertise from a CFO even if you may not have the financial resources to retain or support a full-time CFO. By outsourcing the CFO role, your business will be able to benefit … Read more

Update Your Business Plan, Especially the Financials

UPDATE YOUR BUSINESS PLAN, ESPECIALLY THE FINANCIALS Companies usually launch with a business plan but fail to keep it updated. There are six sections that generally comprise business plans: executive summary, business description, industry and marketing analysis, management description, implementation plan, and financials. All of these should be analyzed and evaluated annually, but, if nothing else, your financials need the most frequent updating. Projecting the Future Business plans are very … Read more

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Is CAPATA a good fit for me?

Many independent professionals and business owners face similar issues when it comes to finances. Finding the perfect accounting firm is essential to your financial success. That’s where Capata CPA comes in.

Professionals often run into problems with their CPAs because the firm is too big. This leads to a lack of access and effective communication between the accountant and client. In these large firms, a partner is hardly involved in the client’s finances.

CAPATA Stands Above the Rest

Here at CAPATA, we value strong client relationships. We understand that to help you reach your goals, we need to come alongside you.

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Cash v. Accrual: How to choose the right accounting method for you

The Tax Cuts and Jobs Act (TCJA) loosened the restrictions on the eligibility rules for using the cash method of accounting.  This made this method — which is simpler than the accrual method — available to more businesses. Now the IRS has provided procedures a small business taxpayer can use to obtain automatic consent to change its method of accounting under the TCJA. If you have the option to use either … Read more