Six things potential new hires want you to know


By: Wendy Moulton

On Wednesday, October 17, 2018, the Wall Street Journal reported that U.S. employers had more than seven million unfilled jobs. This is a record number! You don’t need to be a rocket scientist to understand that we are in a tight labor market and recruiting new talent into your organization will be more competitive than ever.

Here are six things that your ideal candidate wants.

  1. Mentor

Taking the time to learn what your candidate wants and then creating a plan to help them get it is essential. If you make time to develop your team, they grow and so does everyone around them. A growth environment is a healthy environment!

  1. Meetings

Let’s face it, meetings are not high on your priority list so why would we think its high on theirs? To make things worse many organizations bring people into meetings that don’t need to be there. Have we not read “Death by Meeting?” Unnecessary meetings destroy productivity. Make sure everyone who is in the meeting needs to be there. (By the way, have you added up how much you are paying everyone to be in the meeting? What is the ROI on that?!)

  1. Clarity

A job description goes a long way! Be clear on what you expect from the candidate. Let them know verbally and in writing what “good” looks like. Then follow up often.

  1. Communication

Set up a regular time to see how the candidate is doing. Ask questions, such as: “What roadblocks are you experiencing?”. Be sure to help remove those roadblocks! Ask what tools or purchases need to be made to make tasks more efficient. Make time to review what it is you are asking the team member to do. Share what you like or what needs to be improved. Remember: what is inspected is respected.

  1. Working Remote

Most applicants are not going to ask you during an interview if working remotely is permitted. However, working remote two to three days per week is high on most candidates radar these days. It’s become the norm so don’t fight this- embrace it. Technology has made this a win-win for all. Remember, if you are clear on expectations and follow up regularly to see if your team member is on track- there is no downside.

  1. Reward Performance

If you have an All-Star, then pay them! Create a pay structure that rewards those who perform. If you gain a reputation for rewarding top achievers, they will come! Best of all they will tell their friends!

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