Ensuring Your Company’s Future With a Shadow Board


Due to the speed of changing markets, some of today’s modern companies have implemented what’s called a “shadow” board. A company improvement shadow board is comprised of nonexecutive, younger employees. They can have a greater input of changing trends and lifestyles and help executive boards keep up with the times.

Different Generations

As time progresses, more Millennials and even some of Generation Z have poured into the workplace. In spite of a growing population of younger employees bringing their new ideas and fresh minds. Many companies are still run by older boards of directors. Although these boards have an incredible amount of wisdom and experience, they might not be as familiar with the latest developments. Such as marketing, products or services, and technology that are demographic-driven.

Having a shadow board can help your company bridge the generational gap. The executives can share their knowledge gained from their years of hard work. The young employees on the shadow board can bring the latest communication tools or programs, trends, and concerns that could arise for the future of the company. If the two boards meet regularly, this will enhance your company.


Your shadow board can serve your company in many other ways as well. You can test new strategies that target their generations to see if it’d be effective. See if a possible employee benefit would be well-received or regarded as irrelevant. Also use their fresh minds to generate new innovations and processes. There are companies with shadow boards that have completely renovated their business models and processes based on suggestions from the younger employees. They can be a valuable asset when you’re trying to update your company.
There is another benefit to shadow boards that many companies don’t take into account. It can simplify the succession planning process. Because the shadow board is already being instructed by your executive board, they are being primed to take the next steps in their careers whenever they are called to do so.

Setting Yourself up for Success

If you establish a company improvement shadow board, make sure you are committed to seriously considering what ideas and suggestions come out of it. If you set up a shadow board and disregard what it has to say, you will be sending a negative message to all of your younger employees that will quickly spread throughout your company. We can help your company look at the financial and strategic practicality of implementing a shadow board and how it will benefit your company in the long run.

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