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CAPATA’s Unique Approach

Founded 30 years ago, our firm formed out of the strategic vision of founder Gary CAPATA. With the spirit of service at the forefront, Gary set out as a sole practitioner to build his firm while also pouring into his community as a public servant.

The addition of business partner, Michael Collins, whose character and values mirror those of Gary’s, has allowed the firm to more fully address the financial needs of our clients with the addition of wealth management services to CAPATA.  Mike’s background and expertise in planning and  investment management has transformed CAPATA into a wholistic financial firm for our clients.

Your Success is Our Success


Our success is predicated upon the value we provide to our clients in helping them achieve their goals. Whether you are calling to discuss the markets or coordinating a comprehensive review, we go beyond the quantitative analysis and provide qualitative advice that drives results.

Constant Innovation

Our mission

Our mission is to provide honest and competent financial advice and planning that is tailored to your unique objectives.

Our Vision

Our vision is to provide an unparalleled client experience, giving you piece of mind that you are with a trusted advisor.   

Our methods

Our method combines quantitative and qualitative advice, providing a coordinated planning process leveraging our in house tax experts and asset management team, while partner with your estate attorney to ensure a comprehensive generational wealth plan. 

Your Partner in Investment Management

Our team at CAPATA specializes in developing and managing diversified portfolios of investments, custom-tailored to your unique financial goals, liquidity needs, and risk tolerance. We understand that every individual’s path to financial success is distinct, we pride ourselves on ensuring we are giving honest, competent advice in a transparent fashion.  

Start your journey with a free consultation and experience the CAPATA difference for yourself. 

Our Services

Investment Management

At CAPATA we approach investment management with one question in mind, how do we allocate capital in the most efficient way possible given current market conditions and your unique plan. 

Financial Planning

At CAPATA we always lead with planning. This starts with a conversation to ensure we are addressing your concerns, as well
as your objectives, in a manner that gives you piece of mind.


At CAPATA, we firmly believe that true wealth extends beyond monetary gains and investments. It includes the power to make a meaningful impact in the lives of others.


At CAPATA, we are your trusted partner in achieving your financial goals during retirement.

Cash Flow

At CAPATA, we are committed to helping you efficiently manage your cash flow with careful planning, ensuring we have liquidity when needed while maximizing current income.


At CAPATA we understand that your legacy matters.  Having piece of mind that our tax and investment management teams have coordinated with your estate attorney to efficiently preserve your wealth for generations.



Mastering Investment Management

Building Your Financial Future with CAPATA

When it comes to securing your financial future, making well-informed decisions is paramount.  At CAPATA, we want to ensure that our process is transparent and gives you the piece of mind that you deserve.  

Whether you’re a seasoned investor with a wealth of experience or a newcomer just beginning your financial voyage, our team is unwavering in our commitment to guide you through the intricacies of this dynamic landscape. 

For the defensive investor who required assistance, Graham recommended professional investment advisers who rely on “normal investment experience for their results … and who make no claim to being brilliant, (but) pride themselves on being careful, conservative, and competent… whose chief value to their clients is in shielding them from costly mistakes.” – Ben Graham

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Whether asking our thoughts on the market or requesting a full planning session, we go beyond the quantitative analysis and provide qualitative advice that drives results.


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